Arra’s dynamic growth is supported by three divisions: our special projects division, Arra Investments; which invests in new site acquisitions and development opportunities. Our transaction & facilitation division, Arra Facilitations providing real estate investors and developers with strategic advice based on detailed analysis of the client’s investment objectives and the state of the market and our lending division, Arra Finance our privately owned and operated capital firm that facilitates investment into debt secured by Australian real estate for the principals and investors.

Arra Investments specialises in the development of mixed-use and residential sites and the rezoning and re-positioning of assets. To facilitate this, we undertake a broad geographic focus allowing Arra to find suitable investment opportunities across Australia.

We currently possess significant land holdings across New South Wales; Our key objectives across these projects are the rezoning, revitalisation and redevelopment of these precincts. In this, we aim to ensure our development achieve design excellence, create a high standard of residential amenity and improve both neighbourhood integration and public transport accessibility.

In addition to building our extensive real estate portfolio, we assist our clientele in maximising and growing their own. We provide trusted, expert advice on portfolio development and how to raise, invest and optimise capital. Whether our clients are seeking to establish real estate firms, expand their portfolios, or make a real estate acquisition; our team is equipped with in-depth industry knowledge and experience, ensuring we can assist our clients in harnessing the potential of their opportunities.

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